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Though usually accustomed to hoards of breeding seabirds, the tranquil beaches of Pembrokeshire hadn’t seen a party of heavily armed horsemen since the days of the Roman Empire. That was until a thousand strong army of actors, extras, horseman and film crew descended on Freshwater West Beach last summer, just a short distance from Celtic Haven.

Standing in for France’s Brittany Coast, Pembrokeshire played back-drop to the grand finale of this year’s recently released blockbuster,  Robin Hood, starring Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

Freshwater Rest- Pembrokeshire

Freshwater Rest- Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire was one of the key filming locations for Robin Hood, highlighted by the fact that crews spent a total of 5 weeks filming at a range of locations including Castlemartin Army Range and Freshwater West.

Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and 600 extras took part in a “climactic battle scene complete with longboats and medieval landing craft that took place right on the beach”.

Working alongside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, the National Trust and local council, the film crew were not only tasked with the biggest scene of the film but with the returning of Freshwater West to it’s original state.

Robin Hood is just the latest in an increasingly long line of film productions set here in the stunning surroundings of Pembrokeshire’s National Park. The latest edition of the Harry Potter saga saw Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson also take part in filming on the beaches at Freshwater West.

Russell Crowe in action

Russell Crowe in action

These key filming locations for Robin Hood are just 12 miles from Celtic Haven. Our customers like to visit these usually serene beaches as they provide an excellent place to unwind and escape during their holidays and, with the release of Robin Hood earlier this month, the added extra of standing on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster is a great bonus for those visiting this summer!

Away from the film set you’ll find plenty more to do. Celtic Haven is ideally located in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and surrounded by 186 miles of breathtaking coastal scenery. Guests renting our welsh holiday cottages find this area ideal for nature walks, hikes and exploring forests, much like the life that Robin Hood and his gang embraced!

Getting around the local area from Celtic Haven couldn’t be easier with a regular coastal bus service, quiet roads perfect for cyclists and plenty of car parking.

For further details of Celtic Haven, our self-catering cottages and the surrounding area, and the latest summer discounts and offers, please visit our website.