Mum bloggers come to Celtic Haven with their families

Written by Sarah at Celtic Haven December 22nd, 2010

On November 5, 2010, I was delighted to welcome four fantastic Mum Bloggers to Celtic Haven with their families for […]

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On November 5, 2010, I was delighted to welcome four fantastic Mum Bloggers to Celtic Haven with their families for a weekend of fireworks and fun. Unfortunately the fireworks turned out to be something of a damp squib as the weather was truly atrocious that night!

Our group included the very lovely Karin from Café Bebe, her husband Mark and the absolutely delightful Little Miss; Jo from jobeaufoix and her charming daughters; Paula from MumsRock, Craig and her three fabulous children and Linda from havealovelytime with Neil and her two lovely girls.

I had promised our Mums fabulous weather, but with rain all day and night on Friday I was beginning to get a tad concerned. However, Mother Nature came through for me and graced us with the sun on Saturday morning. Sunday was also a glorious day.

We all gathered in Waves Restaurant for coffee followed by a tour of the resort – the children loved the adventure playground we found it difficult to tear them away.

The families went on from the resort tour to Folly Farm, while Neil – being an avid golfer – sampled the play at Tenby Golf Course. Upon their return we treated our Mums to a spa treatment and then the four families spent the evening in Waves together.

Next day they walked to the beach and the children had a terrific time – see Karin’s lovely photo below – and then, sadly it was time for them to leave and go their separate ways. Linda is very familiar with this area and she, Neil and the girls were heading off to Heatherton and to enjoy a few of their favourite places.

I took Jo and her two girls to the train station at noon and then returned to see Paula, Craig, Karin, Mark and the four children enjoying Sunday lunch in Waves. Little Miss introduced me to the little Welsh dragon she had got at Folly Farm, but I wasn’t allowed to pet it, too ferocious I’d imagine!

I’d like to say a personal THANKS to Karin, Jo, Linda and Paula for taking time out of your busy schedules to stay with us. It was great to meet you and your delightful families. You may not have had the fireworks, but I hope you had fun!

Now you’ve been to our little slice of heaven on the coast, I hope we’ll see you all again in 2011.

Carol xx

You can read about the families’ experiences of Celtic Haven here:

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  1. Thanks so much Carol! What a lovely post! :)


  2. Linda says:

    Hello and thank you for all your kind words, here’s some more links for you:

    Spas and kids? Yes you can:
    (The School Run)

    Best of the Web – winter getaways for adventure or relaxation:

    (Ready for Ten)

    In pole position at Heatherton Activity Park:

    (Have a Lovely Time)

    All the best for 2011.

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