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Pembrokeshire’s sites of natural beauty

31st March 2018

Whilst Pembrokeshire is renowned for its stunning coastal path and beaches, there are also a number of site of natural beauty available inland – check out the team’s favourite spots!

Stackpole Estate

The estate is well known for the diversity of its beauty, playing home to a number of lakes, woodland, farmland, beaches (including Barafundle Bay) and cliffs.

The idyllic estate is perhaps best known for its eight-arch bridge across Stackpole Lake, which is surrounded by beautiful woodland and where you can spot bird life from, including swans, across the year.

Whilst Barafundle Bay is a spot that is a must visit during your time in the county – there really is a lot of depth to what the estate has to offer!

Bosherston Lily Ponds

Part of the estate, the Bosherston Lily Pools are a truly spectacular spot that draw thousands of visitors over the year – so much so that we thought we’d give them a separate segment!

The Lily Ponds (or lakes) are in fact three flooded limestone valleys and are best visited in June, if you’re hoping to see this spot at its beautiful best.

When in full bloom, the Lily Pools are a beautiful floral spectacle that make for a picturesque walk that is suitable for the whole family.

With many beautiful beaches nearby, the Pools can be included as the itinerary of any day of exploring the county’s beautiful assets.

The Blue Lagoon

A little down the road from the beautiful city of St David’s, the Blue Lagoon of Abereiddy is a stunning pool of water in a jagged slate basin, owing to it being a former quarry.

The beautiful tone of the water gives the spot a truly unique feel within the county, making it one of Pembrokeshire’s best places of natural beauty to visit!

For the braver visitors to the spot, there’s also the opportunity to jump from the ledges and submerge yourself in the beautiful waters below.

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Abereiddy has played host to a number of great activities over the years, including the famous Red Bull Cliff Diving event.

Check out these stunning images of the lagoon at its dazzling best.

Abereiddi’s Blue Lagoon ?

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Blue Lagoon – Abereiddu #cymru #wales #pembrokeshirecoast

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Colby Woodland Garden

This National Trust Woodland garden is situated in a secluded South Pembrokeshire valley near Amroth and is a gem that is somewhat lesser known amongst visitors to the county.

The woodland garden boasts a surprise industrial heritage for those interested in learning about its unusual background – whilst others just looking to relax can take in the idyllic woodland, meadow and walled garden full of well maintained plants.

The site is well worth visiting, with more information available here!

Preseli Hills

The Preseli Hills (or mountains to the locals!) are rich in sacred and historic sites, with burial chambers, tumuli, hill forts, hut circles, stone circles, henges, standing stones and other prehistoric remains – making for some real sites of interest for any walk.

On clear days, the Preselis also offer stunning vista views of the rest of Pembrokeshire – making them a prime location for people to go and visit if they have a penchant for a photo.

For those who enjoy a good hike in the beautiful countryside, this is the optimal place to explore a completely different set of landscapes that Pembrokeshire has to offer!

Green Bridge of Wales

We’ve tried to keep away from the coastline that Pembrokeshire is so famous for in this post but we felt that the Green Bridge deserved an honourable mention.

Wind and sea erosion has carved through the limestone cliff over the millennia to leave a beautiful 80 foot archway that offers one of the most spectacular spots across the county’s entire coastline.

Just a half an hour drive from Celtic Haven Resort, this spot is definitely worth a visit if you’re hoping to find an awe inspiring vista!

The Green Bridge of Wales.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this piece and that it has inspired you to go out and explore some of the diverse spots of beauty that Pembrokeshire has to offer!

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