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In this edition of the Celtic Haven Resort’s reviews of Pembrokeshire’s unique attractions, we explore the work undertaken at the Cwm Deri Estate, the only vineyard available across the entirety of Pembrokeshire.

Situated in the rolling countryside sits the magnificent Cwm Deri Estate, a 3000 vine strong vineyard that offers one of the most unique experiences within the entire county.

Established in 1990, the 3000 vines were painstakingly planted by hand by founders John and Lyn Hamilton Cowburn as nine-inch long two-year-old rooted cuttings.

Following three years of graft and the careful nurturing of the fledgling plants, the vineyard bore its first small crop of grapes; the first step of a long journey towards the prosperous site that now adorns the location.

Cwm Deri Vineyard and Estate Pembrokeshire

Since those humble beginnings, the estate has flourished into a truly special tourist attraction within the county.

Whilst the vineyard’s primary focus is on the production of its exciting range of wines, the Cwm Deri Estate has had its doors open to public visitation since 1992, with tours of the estate offering you the opportunity to walk through the picturesque vines estate and beautiful woodland area is also accessible for visitors.

“The Cwm Deri Estate has sort to adapt its product range to include a fine selection of fruit wines and liqueurs to accommodate the produce of the vineyard”

As Pembrokeshire’s premiere vineyard, the organisation has had to adapt to the unique conditions of the windswept Martletwy countryside, with Grey Alder trees being planted every 10 rows to help protect the harvest from the Atlantic winds.

Whilst the Grey Alders that sit proudly in the vineyard were initially planted with practicality in mind, they now add to the tranquillity of the raw natural beauty of the location. To this day, some 650 trees have been planted on the Cwm Deri Estate, as its operations have continued to develop.

Ever in search of new opportunities and adapting to changes in tastes, the Cwm Deri Estate has sort to adapt its product range to include a fine selection of fruit wines and liqueurs to accommodate the produce of the vineyard.

Alongside walks throughout the vineyard and tours of their facilities, Cwm Deri also offers tasting opportunities for the vast array of quality products that they have lovingly developed, with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure that they can guarantee exceptional quality assurance for their whole range.

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The range of tasters offers you the opportunity to glean an insight into their truly exciting range of produce and a taste that is truly Pembrokeshire.

If you’re looking to explore the best produce that Pembrokeshire has to offer or to amble through the outstanding beauty of Pembrokeshire’s only vineyard on your visit to the Celtic Haven Spa and Resort then you can visit their website here for more details.

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