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Check out Pembrokeshire’s best social media friendly spots!

18th April 2018

Pembrokeshire is home to some of the most diverse and scenic coastline that the world has to offer and is the reason thousands of people flock to our beautiful county every year.

Bestowed the honour of the second best place to visit in the world by National Geographic in Spring 2012, Pembrokeshire offers 186 miles of varied coastline that offers some of the best opportunities to grab your dream holiday snaps.

With that in mind, we explore an array of sights of cultural significance and natural beauty to deliver you an insight into the best places to grab your social media worthy photographs during your visit to the Celtic Haven Resort!

The Green Bridge of Wales

You can’t come to visit Pembrokeshire without hitting up the Green Bridge.

Wind and sea erosion has carved through the limestone cliff over the millennia to leave a beautiful 80 foot archway that offers one of the most spectacular spots across the county’s entire coastline.

Just a half an hour drive from Celtic Haven Resort, this spot is definitely worth a visit if you’re hoping to find an awe inspiring vista!

Huntsman’s Leap

Just along the coastline from the Green Bridge is the Huntsman’s Leap, another anomaly within the county’s extensive coastline.

The Huntsman’s leap is a deep, narrow and sheer-sided coastal chasm within the cliffs represents another popular attraction for the county’s numerous tourists.

Traditional local folklore purports that the name derives from the actions of a hunter that jumped the chasm on horseback whilst being pursued. On looking back and seeing the magnitude of his feat, he died of shock.

Whether you choose to believe that or not is up to you – but what you should believe is that this spot is definitely worth a visit!

Barafundle Bay

The bay is one of the county’s most popular beaches, with its long golden beach probably the best equivalent to a tropical destination on a sun drenched summer’s day.

Barafundle also boasts some wonderful sand dunes for kids big and small to adventure in, as well as easily accessible coastline for working.

The beach is under half an hour away from the resort – here it is at it’s very best in both the winter and summer sun!


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Stack Rocks

Isolated amongst the waves, the Stack Rocks make for beautiful images all times of the year and across all weather fronts!

Whether you’re capturing broody windswept images back-set by dark, ominous clouds or bright summer time pics that look out over the horizon – you’d be pushed to grab a bad images of this incredible location.

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St David’s Cathedral

If you’re looking for a bit of history and culture and are up for a drive then you would be hard-pushed to beat the St David’s Cathedral, found at Wales’ most westerly point.

The cathedral was founded in 589 and dominates the beautiful city that bears its name (famously the smallest city in the UK with a population of under 2000 people).

Home to beautiful artwork, stained glass windows, woodwork and artefacts that have been procured over the centuries, this world famous cathedral has been the location of pilgrimages for members of the Christian faith for nearly a millennium.


Tenby Harbour

The most instagrammed spot in the entirety of Pembrokeshire, Tenby Harbour is a quaint little spot that offers an array of beautiful colours, from the blues of the sea, to the beach’s golden sands and the pastels of the beautiful town houses that adorn the cliff tops.

The harbour’s varied landscape and interesting structures provide the opportunity for a number of unique shots that will set you apart from the rest of your newsfeed.

The harbour is just a short drive from the resort and well worth visiting – Check out these beauties!

Go Puffin seeking on Skomer Island

If you’re hoping to capture some beautiful shots of Pembrokeshire’s wildlife then you should definitely consider a visit to Skomer Island should definitely be on your bucket list!

The island is home famously home to Pembrokeshire’s puffin population, which booms in the springtime months and can offer beautiful pictures when the bluebells & campions are also in bloom.

If you’re quiet then you can have the opportunity to get quite close to these beautiful animals and take some truly spectacular snaps.

The island is accessible via ferry and represents a rugged setting when compared to the likes of Caldey, so be sure to wear good walking shoes and be prepared for the often windy conditions!


We hope you found this post informative and that we’ve inspired you to head out and capture some top images on your visit to the Celtic Haven Resort!

If you’re looking for more inspiration then check out the lesser known beaches just a stone’s through away from the resort

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