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Best things to do in Tenby

The Celtic Haven guide to the best things to do in Tenby this summer

With many people asking us what the best things to do in Tenby are, the team decided to put their heads together to deliver our definitive guide to the beautiful seaside town that is just a 10-minute drive from the resort.

Indulge in Tenby’s beautiful beaches

Spending a day playing and relaxing on the town’s gorgeous beaches is by far and away one of the best things to do in Tenby.

The unique shape of the coastal head in Tenby means that there are four beautiful strips of sand to choose from, with South Beach, Castle Beach, Harbour Beach and North Beach all providing great opportunities to enjoy some quality time on the seafront.

The size of the beaches and the relatively flat conditions due to the town’s coastal position also mean that there’s the opportunity to take in some stunning sunsets, too. With loads of great fish and chip shops dotted around Tenby, it’s the perfect way to end any visit to the town.

Tenby beach sunrise

There are also some beautiful spots to take in, including the historic St Catherine’s Island Fort and the three Tenby Life Boat Stations that span from the Victorian era to the modern day.

Beautiful views, space to play and plenty of adjacent restaurants and cafés, a day on a Tenby beach is something enjoyable to do for all of the family and have some memorable times together.

Whilst a beach visit is one of the best things to do in Tenby, we also have lots of great beaches across the county – here are our favourite lesser known beaches!

Check out this beautiful winter snap, too!

Explore Tenby Castle

The Tenby Castle is a beautiful Grade II listed ruin on the headland of the town that deserves exploring, if you have the chance.

The history of the headland being utilised as the sight of a fort can be traced as far back as the 12th Century, with it passing hands between Norman, Welsh and English forces over the course of its nine centuries of existence.

Alongside the fort, beautiful gateways lead up to the castle entrance – allowing for you the opportunity to imagine what life in the castle might have been like, whilst also presenting the opportunity to capture some great snaps of this historic site.

Things to do Tenby Castle

Take in the town walls

Equally impressive as the fort are the immense town walls.

The Grade I listed structures date back to the medieval period and remain in beautiful condition to this day.

There were initially four walls in place to protect the town from external parties but these have largely been removed or collapsed over time.

Consisting of a myriad of beautiful towers and arches, the town walls are one of the structures that add to the distinctive nature of the town that draw people from all over the country and further afield to explore this highly popular town.

Image result for tenby town walls

Go Stand-up Paddleboarding

For those looking to explore some of the great water sports that our coastline has to offer, then taking some time out to enjoy the amazing people at Good Trails Paddleboarding is easily one of the best things to do in Tenby.

Based at Coppet Hall Beach, Caroline and Alain – the couple who runs the organisation – chose the spot due to the bay’s unique east-facing location that provides it with shelter from the westerly Atlantic winds.

The friendly couple provide entertaining lessons for beginners upwards, making this a great opportunity to explore life on the waves and create some unique memories.

Learn more about Good Trails Paddleboarding with our review of their services.

Good Trails Paddleboarding Tenby

Explore the local wildlife with a seal safari

Pembrokeshire has an abundance of wildlife that is always worth exploring.

One of the best things Tenby has to offer, the seal safari is the opportunity to go out on the sea and witness the seals swim so close to the boat that you can almost reach out and touch them!

The Tenby Boat Trips  can carry 23 passengers and run across most of the year.

 Take a Tenby History Tour

If the waves aren’t for you then you can check out some of Tenby’s vibrant history via the ghost tours operated by Marion Davies.

A town with royal history via Henry VII – who is alleged to have hidden in an underground chamber in the town of during the Wars of the Roses, before making his escape to Brittany – taking the time to explore Tenby’s sites of interest is a treat that will tantalise the intrigue of any history buff visiting the county.

Davies utilises her 20 years of guiding experience and passion for Wales and Welsh history to deliver exceptional, informative tours across a variety of themes – the Story of Tenby and the Ghost Walk of Tenby being the most popular walks amongst visitors to the county.

best things to do in Tenby - ghost walks

Enjoy the great array of restaurants Tenby has to offer

No list of things to do in Tenby would be complete without highlighting the amazing array of restaurants and eateries that the town has to offer.

Home to some of the best restaurants that the county has to offer, visitors can choose from food from a variety of cultures.

Whilst the Celtic Haven’s own Waves Cliff-top Restaurant is a highly popular place for people to come and enjoy a meal, we also appreciate that people want to explore the great array of restaurants available in the beautiful seaside town.

From the authentic pizza of Top Joe’s to the gourmet burgers of Indie Burger or dining at the Baytree Restaurant, there’s a huge amount on offer for visitors to the beautiful seaside town.

Enjoying the guide to the best things to do in Tenby? Here’s the team’s favourite restaurants from across the town!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best things to do in Tenby, if you’d like to learn more about the region or what a stay at the Celtic Haven Resort entails then you can call our Welcome Centre on 01834 870000 or email at welcome@celtichaven.co.uk!

Explore Tenby Art Museum and Gallery

Positioned on Castle Hill, Tenby Art Museum and Gallery is a great way to spend an afternoon when you next visit the town!

With various exhibits celebrating the town’s rich heritage and maritime history, the gallery offers a unique cultural experience that is certain to leave you with a new perspective of your surroundings.

The gallery has a wonderful array of pieces available to buy but you can also make the most of the great selection of postcards if you’re looking for a smaller memento of your visit!

Buy local produce at the Caldey Island Shop

Caldey Island Abbey produces an array of incredible items that are well worth checking out if you’re looking for things to do in Tenby!

Whether it’s homemade chocolate, perfumes or posters, there’s lots of great products to take advantage of.

To learn more about their range of products you can find the shop on Quay Hill!

Get merry courtesy of the Nook & Cranny

Sat on St. Julians Street, the Nook & Cranny offers a great selection of exclusive gins that capture the essence of the town.

Whether you prefer a traditional dry gin or one infused with beautiful citrus notes, this stunning boutique shop is worthy of any list of things to do in Tenby!

(Just remember to drink responsibly!)

You can learn more on their website!

The Nook & Cranny is a great spot to find your perfect tipple

Check out this great video of Tenby at its beautiful best!

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Enjoy our guide to the best things to do in Tenby? Read more about the county here!

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