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Celtic Haven’s beautiful Pembrokeshire walks

14th May 2018

Glorious walks to explore around the Celtic Haven Resort

We are blessed to have our resort situated in one of the most beautiful locations within the whole of Wales.

From stunning countryside to beautiful beaches and breathtaking cliff-tops, south Pembrokeshire has a lot to offer for anyone looking to visit the region.

Here are some of the best walks within the vicinity of the Celtic Haven Resort, to ensure you can make the most of your time with us – we’ve even included some map routes for the walks in the titles!

Lydstep to Penally

This circular route walk takes in some of the most ancient regions of Wales and is a great one to take in on a summer’s eve.

Penally’s historic roots go back as far as the Stone Age, when Pembrokeshire’s earliest settlers lived in the area known as Hoyle’s Mouth cave.

The cave is believed to have been occupied around 25,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age. Used as a shelter for many thousands of years, the cave has offered up all sorts of artefacts of its hunter-gatherer occupants, including the bones of mammoth, hyena, bear and reindeer.

In more recent times, smugglers are known to have stored their stolen goods in one of the many caves in the area and the limestone rock used to be quarried from Lydstep Point.

The walk should take around three and a half hours and is 6.4 miles round.


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Lydstep to Skrinkle

If the extended walk previously mentioned isn’t for you then a trip to Skrinkle beach might be right up your street.

As a coastal path walk from Lydstep goes, this is a relatively short journey that still manages to take in some stunning locations.

At low tide, the Lydstep Caverns should be explorable – though take care not to get caught by tidal changes.

Many beautiful birds are viewable on this stretch of the coastal path when in season, including fulmars, razorbills and gulls.

Seals may pup in the autumn in the caves and ponies are also known to graze the coastal heath.

A one hour walk, this 1.6 mile trek takes you across the coast and via some beautiful coves, Whitesheet Rock and the stunning Church Doors.

Stackpole Head

If you’re looking for a walk further afield then a 15 minute car ride to Stackpole Head could be in store for you.

Taking in sandy beaches, the Bosherston lily ponds, eight arch bridge and the national nature reserve, this diverse walk takes in some of the most stunning spots that Pembrokeshire has to offer.

The sea has sculpted stacks, caves, arches, inlets and headlands into the limestone cliffs that you can enjoy as you travel between points, adding to the beautiful nature of this walk.

This is a lengthy walk, being that it comes in at just under five miles with a two and a half hour walk-time but is well worth making the effort for!

Manorbier to Swanlake Bay

This one and a half hour walk, which comes in at 2.5 miles, means you can enjoy a day in Manorbier and take in the picturesque countryside that surrounds it as you head out via the coastal path past a variety of caves.

Visiting Swanlake Bay is a worthwhile venture in itself. Comparable in size to the beach at Manorbier, the more remote nature of the beach means you should have plenty of space in which to enjoy yourself!

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Manorbier short walks

If you want to explore nearby Manorbier and take in its stunning beach and castle then this selection of walks could be the perfect opportunity to get down there!

With the walks ranging from 0.8 to 1.3 miles, these walks offer you the perfect opportunity to take in the offerings of this picturesque little village.

Whether it’s the village’s bay, the castle, the historical limekiln or the ancient burial chamber of King Quoit, Manorbier has plenty to offer and you won’t regret taking some time out to go and visit when you come to the Celtic Haven Resort!


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The Jameston Haylands Lane short walk

If you’re looking for a short work to enjoy that’s near to the resort then this countryside walk in neighbouring Jameston could prove to be just perfect!

A 45 minutes circular walk that comes in at 1.7 miles, you can take in a perfect walk around the surrounding countryside of the town, giving you the opportunity to take in the fresh air and scenic fields of beautiful south Pembrokeshire whose background goes back as far as the medieval period.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this walk guide, check out these links below to learn more about what a visit to beautiful Pembrokeshire can do!

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