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Your best photos of Pembrokeshire’s wildlife

30th June 2018

The sun has brought plenty of people to Pembrokeshire over the past fortnight, with everyone keen to make the most of our beautiful countryside, beaches, coastal pathways and waters!

All this exploration has seen social media alive with great pictures of the indigenous wildlife. Here’s some of our favourite pictures from up and down the county!

The dolphins have been getting up close with people exploring the oceans

People have been getting lots of great pictures of these beautiful creatures when out on the ocean!

And the county’s seal population have also been eager to say hello

Plenty of people have caught pics of seals during this summer spell!

Seals #nikonphotography #pembrokeshirecoast.

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Morning!!! Another glorious day is Pembrokeshire! Did you know that Ramsey island is host to one of the largest breeding colonies of Atlantic Grey seals in the British Isles. Throughout most of the year there is a relatively small population of around 100 seals in the waters around the island, however, twice annually these numbers will increase significantly as the mammals come to the area, to moult in February/March and to breed in late August through to November. During the breeding season in particular, numbers may increase to just under a thousand seals!! @ewegottalove.wales ? – #seal #seals #wildlife #nature #atlanticgreyseal #seadogs #adventure #visitwales #stdavids #pembrokeshire #ramseyisland #wales #yearofthesea #atlanticocean #ocean #voyagesofdiscovery #nationalpark #pembrokeshirecoast #pembrokeshirecoastnationalpark #naturephotography #naturelovers

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We’ve had some great snaps of cheeky livestock…

Exploring Pembrokeshire’s rich pastures can throw up some surprising photo opportunities!

Oh hey ? #Aberreidy #PembrokeshireCoast #WelshCoast #Wales #sheep #welshsheep

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And a variety of birds have been spotted in the sunshine

Alongside the county’s famous puffin population, choughs, razorbills, guillemots and birds of prey have also been spotted!

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