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South Pembrokeshire’s lesser known beaches

10th October 2018

In this blog piece, we give you an insight into some of South Pembrokeshire’s lesser known beaches positioned along the coast line – most of which are just a stone’s throw from the Celtic Haven Resort!

Church Doors Cove

A small rocky and sandy beach, the cove’s name derives from the unusual door-shaped hole that has been carved into the rock over the years by the forces of the sea and wind.

The beach is accessible by taking a flight of 140 steep concrete steps, before heading down a metal stairway that descends into the cove itself.

If you’re interested in checking out Church Doors Cove then it’s just a five minute drive from Celtic Haven Resort and is well worth enjoying of an evening.

Manorbier beach

Adjacent to the picturesque village of Manorbier, this wonderful beach is just a short trip from the resort, at just seven minutes’ drive from the resort.

The landscape rolls into a beautiful sandy beach from luscious green dunes and offers views of the spectacular Manorbier Castle, a Norman defence structure that originates from the 12th Century.

At low tide, the spot offers a sizeable area of sand for visitors to utilise for activities. However, it is worth noting that the currents can be strong here, so diligence is advised.

Find out how to get to this idyllic location here.

Here’s a great video showing the spectacular views of the beach from the majestic castle.

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Monkstone beach

Despite its prime location between Tenby and Manorbier, the beach is something of a wild, remote location due to the limited accessibility of the beach, which you can get to via a footpath through Trevayne Farm meaning there is sadly limited parking available on the premises. Access down to the beach is by a steep but well maintained path with steps onto the beach.

Despite the relative inaccessibility compared to beaches that attract more attention from tourists, you are rewarded with a scattering of pebbles that descend onto a beautiful strip of golden sand.

Just a sixteen minute drive from the resort, this stretch of beach is perfect for a trip or to walk the dogs!

More information is available on the beach, here.

Check out this great snap of the beach in all its glory!

St Govan’s Chapel

Arguably the most unique locations amongst South Pembrokeshire’s lesser known beaches, St Govan’s Chapel is a must visit location on your visit to the county.

The location is home to the incredible St Govan’s Chapel, a historic 13th Century chapel that has actually been built into the rugged cliff sides and is accessible from the clifftop by climbing down a set of stairs carved into the cliff.

Whilst the chapel is widely acknowledged to have been built in the 13th Century, some experts postulate that elements of the chapel could date back as far as the Sixth Century when Saint Govan moved into the location’s cave – some even purport that the monk himself may have been buried under the altar on his death.

Check out the chapel on Google Maps, here.

More of a journey than many of the previously mentioned locations, St Govan’s Chapel is a half hour’s journey from the Celtic Haven Resort but is definitely worth the journey!


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