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Pembrokeshire’s best castles to explore over 2019

1st December 2018
Carew Castle

A land of immense history, Wales has the most castles per head of any country in the world – with that in mind, we explore some of Pembrokeshire’s best castles as the tourism season begins to heat up.

Here are some of our top recommendations if you’re looking to explore some of the county’s amazing sites of heritage when visiting the Celtic Haven Resort.

Manorbier Castle

This historic castle re-opens for the tourist season this March and is well worth considering visiting on your time at the Celtic Haven Resort.

Manorbier Castle was founded in the 11th-Century by the noble de Barry family before being reinforced in local limestone in the 12th-Century.

The castle is perhaps most famously known as the birthplace of Gerald of Wales, who is widely considered to be one of the most notable figures in medieval Welsh history – playing a prominent role within the church and being a historian of great note, his work shaping the modern-day understanding of Welsh history.

Of his place of birth, Gerald described Manorbier as “the most pleasant place by far” amongst all the lands of Wales and he may well have a point!

The castle is also just a short walk away from one of our best lesser known beaches, meaning a visit to the castle offers you the chance to explore some fantastic Welsh history as well as take in some stunning coastal views.

Manorbier is rightfully considered to be one of Pembrokeshire’s best castles and at just five minutes’ drive from the resort, it is well worth exploring!

Manorbier Castle - Pembrokeshire's best castles

Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle is one of the county’s most notable attractions and is arguably one of the best kept examples of a medieval castle within the whole of Wales.

The majority of the site originates from between 1189 and 1218, however, a castle has existed on the site since as far back as 1093.

The most notable of the members of the nobility to be associated with the castle without a doubt King Henry VII, who was born on the site in early 1457 and went on to become the King of England from 1485 until his death in 1509.

The castle also hosts a number of modern day amenities to facilitate an enjoyable day including a gift shop, café and a brass rubbing centre that is open across the summer months.

If you’d like to learn more about this intriguing site then you can read our review of Pembroke Castle and its unique history.

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Carew Castle

Open to the public, the castle was initially built in the 13th-Century but has been shaped by a history that has seen it suffer from both periods of demise and periods of renovation to leave us with the site of rich heritage that stands before us today.

Carew Castle’s most striking feature is without a doubt its ornate windows, which were installed in the 16th-Century during the Tudor period and provide it with a degree of distinction that separates it from just about any other castle in Wales.

This distinctive architectural feature, along with the castle’s position on the Carew river, makes it one of the county’s most picturesque sites and rightfully gives it a spot within any list of Pembrokeshire’s best castles.

Check out it out here with this great aerial footage of the castle, captured by drone!

Tenby Castle

Many of the people that come to the Celtic Haven Resort take the opportunity to day-trip to this traditional seaside town, with an excursion to the castle atop of many people’s list.

Much of the modern-day structure and masonry work dates back to the 13th-Century, though it is understood that records of the castle’s existence date back to as far as 1153.

The castle adds to the beauty and sense of wonder of this popular tourist town, its beautiful path from Tenby harbour to the top of Castle Hill passing through the gateway of the main square.

The remnants if this beautiful castle are strewn across the town and the location can offer you breathtaking vistas of the coastline and out over the Atlantic.

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St Catherine’s Fort

if you do visit Tenby Castle then St Catherine’s Fort is also worth bearing in mind.

On a rocky outcrop just off the coast of the town, St Catherine’s is a stunning 19th-Century Palmerston Fort that draws the focus from the mainland.

The dramatic setting of the fort let to it being elected as the the location of the finale of the fourth series of the massively popular BBC series Sherlock, being used as a filming set in 2016.

Sadly, tours to this unique location are only available for groups of 20+, making it difficult for you to go and explore the fort and island. If you are interested in booking a tour, however, then you can do so here.

Visiting the Fort from St Catherine’s Island & Fort on Vimeo.

Hopefully our look at some of Pembrokeshire’s best castles has inspired you to go and explore some of our county’s best locations, and has helped to inform you as to what Pembrokeshire can deliver for your next get-away!

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