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Discover Pembrokeshire’s beauty with expert guided tours

22nd December 2018
10 reasons to visit Pembrokeshire - coast path

The story of the woman that left behind life in London to deliver expert walking tours in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is perhaps one of the best places in the United Kingdom if you’re looking for a walking holiday, with the county’s diverse countryside, hills, coastline and beaches providing the perfect environment for a diverse and engaging experience.

Such is the beauty of the region that the Pembrokeshire coastline was recognised as one of the best walking locations in the world by National Geographic in the spring of 2012, praising the county’s “towering headlands blanketed with spring blooms” and the coast’s long and short-distance trails that meander along rocky Irish Sea cliff tops, sandy beaches, former railway lines, and ancient footpaths.

Manorbier to Lydstep

A shot of the coastal path between Lydstep and Manorbier

This stunning natural beauty sees the summer months bring people to Pembrokeshire in their thousands, as they seek to take in the views that have made the county a tourism hub since the Victorian era.

Whether it be the incredible historical sites such as 2,000-year-old forts, burial grounds from 400AD or the myriad of exemplary medieval castles, there’s lots to do out on the Pembrokeshire coast and making sure you plan out the optimal treks can be a painstaking task.

Fortunately, the county is home to a number of expert tour guide operators capable of turning what can otherwise be a thankless activity into a stroll in the (national) park.

One such tour guide provider is Pembrokeshire Guided Tours, a Visit Wales accredited Blue Badge Tour Guide for Wales based in Pembrokeshire’s county town of Haverfordwest.

“I don’t do boring talks, I don’t lecture and I don’t drag you round places you have no interest in… that’s not a holiday!”

Operated by Sarah Gerlach, Pembrokeshire Guided Tours began operating in 2011 after a trip to Australia inspired her to pack in her job in London and pursue her passion for the outdoors back in her home country. She explains on her website: “I was on holiday in Melbourne, Australia when I suddenly knew I wanted to be a guide.

“I still have vivid memories of a wonderful vineyard tour, a drive along the Great Ocean Road and the fairy penguins on Phillip Island; all inspiring and heart-thumpingly impressive experiences.

“But I realised that my big wow moments didn’t just come from the scenery, but came from contact with local people who knew the small details that brought the holiday to life.

“From then I knew I wanted to help visitors to Wales find the hidden gems that only we locals know!”

Since then, Sarah has garnered a strong reputation as one of the county’s premier tour guides – her passion for her work and deep knowledge of the county’s history and secret locations ensuring that she can tailor any walk to suit the wants and needs of her audience.


Stack Rocks is one of the best attractions on the Pembrokeshire coast

Discussing her services, Sarah explains: “For me, every holiday is an adventure so I aim to help you pack in as much or as little as you want to make sure you go home with amazing memories of Wales.

“I don’t do boring talks, I don’t lecture, and I don’t drag you round places you have no interest in… that’s not a holiday!

“I am passionate about Wales and my tours are flexible, professional and fun.

“What makes a holiday special is giving you a sense of authenticity – we experience the places, the people, the food and the history together to give you those fun little moments that you can look back on and smile about.”

Sarah’s flexibility means that your tour fits you, with half-day, full-day or multi-day tours suitable for groups of all sizes.

As she explains: “I ensure the process is as streamlined as possible. My visitors tell me when they want to come, how long they want to stay and what they’re interested in before I design an itinerary based on those needs to ensure the guests can relax and enjoy!”

With Sarah gearing up for 2019 holiday season and preparing to introduce a number of new visitors to Pembrokeshire’s unique scenery and history, the next year promises to be another year of excitement for Pembrokeshire Guided Tours.

If you would like to learn more about Pembrokeshire Guided Tours or to book an exploration then you can visit her website!

You can learn more about booking a holiday in beautiful Pembrokeshire then you can contact the team via phone on 01834 870000 or email us at welcome@celtichaven.co.uk!

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