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Fitness professional Iân Morris gives his top tips for March

18th February 2019
Posted in: News
Ian morris fitness professional Tenby

Celtic Haven’s fitness professional Iân Morris gives us his fitness tips for March, with some helpful pointers to ensuring that you make the most of your exercise regimen!

Guinness lovers are in for a health related treat…

They have developed a new drink called Guinness Clear! Arthur Guinness believed in using only natural ingredients.

It looks clear, smells clear and is very moreish.

Before drinking, let it settle, then taste a hint of a soft day in Ireland, with a wee fresh tingle at the backend.

You can get it anywhere, any pub, and any town.

Sometimes less is more and is a welcome break – There is nothing like a Guinness Clear for a Six Nations to remember!

Check it out in the video below and remember “how welcome when the day is through, a glass of Guinness Clear is for you; when you and I can enjoy at leisure, Guinness goodness and Guinness pleasure.”

Static stretches could be doing more bad than good…

Stretching can be annoying, when we’ve only got time for a quick workout, but it’s a pretty important part of keeping the body running at its peak. There is a right way to stretch and it doesn’t involve a few static stretches before jumping right in! We should never stretch statically (holding stretches) before working out.

This can decrease strength in the short term and lead to injury. Instead, we should perform an active warm-up and save static stretches for after the workout.

Prioritise dynamic movements for both warm-up and cool-down, to slowly ramp things up before a workout and then back down after you’re done. It gives the body time to adjust. Don’t skip the cool-down, you’ll only be extra sore and tight the next day!

Listen to your body – if something hurts, stop!

Plenty of trendy group fitness classes have droves of loyalists, or if your go-to workout is simply running, we have to know how to protect our sensitive joints from injury.

If our workout is hurting a joint in our body, we are potentially damaging the joint. Pain is often a warning sign from the body to stop doing something harmful and ignoring that warning sign can lead to injury.

So even though we might be addicted to getting a sweat on, we must listen to our body, acknowledging any amount of pain or tenderness …. even if it feels mild!

Your best bet is to have a certified trainer watch you doing the painful exercise to see how you can perform the exercise pain-free and correct the potential injury before it becomes serious.

Adding too much weight too quickly can add to issues down the line

If you are all about strength training, it is critical you are super careful how you are doing repetitions.

If we try to progress too fast, our connective tissues may not be able to handle the stress of heavier weights.

In order to avoid this, keep the weight where you can control it 100 per cent on the way down for the majority of workouts. Working with a trainer, especially at first, is perfect for learning the correct way to lift weights, so we can build stronger muscles without risking injury!

If you’d like to discuss your fitness goals with our fitness professional or check out our leisure facilities then feel free to drop Iân a message on ian.morris@celtichaven.co.uk

Ian morris tenby fitness professional